What Is Residential Home Care?

Residential Care Homes are assisted living facilities(ALFs) providing various levels of care for those seniors who are semi-independent and those needing frequent assistance.

Silver Oak Country Estates are a prime example of this type of ALF and we strive to be the premier facility of this type in Southern California. Please click on the “Home” and “Services” tab on this website to see how we are distinguished compared to other ALF’s.

Our home-like setting feels familiar and comfortable, and makes it much easier for seniors to leave the comfort of their own homes when they are no longer able to manage their total care. All ALFs will offer meal service and basic care all the way to skilled nursing in some cases.

Otherwise referred to as group homes, assisted living, personal care homes, or catered living, they provide routine services like health care monitoring, medication management, personal care assistance as needed, and limited health care services. Some homes have a resident nurse, while others have on-call staffing–depending on the level of care.

State social welfare agencies are the regulating agency for such homes and the criteria vary by state.

Residential care homes are similar in concept to assisted living facilities where the main focus is on assistance with non-medical needs, such as meal preparation, grooming, and other daily activities. The big difference in definition of residential care homes and assisted living facilities is the size. Residential care homes are designed on a smaller scale, offering a more intimate and personal atmosphere for seniors. State licensing is required for all residential care homes.

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